Adrian Matthews Therapy

About Me

Winston Churchill famously described his depression as his black dog. My first black dog was a Labrador cross called Bella……my second was depression.

My naAdrian Matthewsme is Adrian Matthews I’m an Integrative Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist.
The experience of suffering from depression was a turning point in my life and led me to train as therapist. I studied with Dr Sandra Westland and Dr Tom Barber at The Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies in London, graduating in 2014.

Although I help people with whole host of issues from weight loss to smoking cessation my main interest is in helping people suffering from Depression and Anxiety. These, unfortunately all too common issues are something of a modern plague. Whilst it is true that people in the past suffered from both Depression and Anxiety, today’s modern hectic lifestyle, societies expectations and pressures from family, employers even the media,  make it much more prevalent than in the past.

When I’m not being a therapist i’m a husband and dad. I live in Chesham with my wife Amanda and my three children as well as three dogs and yes one of them is Bella!