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Panic Disorder – Panic Attacks.

Panic disorder and panic attacks can be very frightening and in time, can lead the sufferer to avoid situations or activities that might lead to an attack. The panic attack is caused by fear and is the most severe form of acute anxiety. Fear is a natural survival instinct; it is there to protect us. Like anxiety, fear can be of a real or an imagined threat but the body responds in the same way, preparing itself to deal with the danger ( see anxiety for details). It is these physical effects that make the panic attack so frightening.

The symptoms of a Panic Attack

·         Rapid breathing

·         Feeling breathless

·         Sweating

·         Feeling very hot or cold

·         Feeling sick

·         Feeling faint or dizzy

·         Tingling fingers

·         Shivering or shaking

·         Racing heart or irregular heartbeat (palpitations)

As some or all of these symptoms appear, so the fear can deepen, often the rapid breathing makes the sufferer believe that they can’t get their breath so reinforcing the fear already present

Panic attacks can occur at any time even when asleep and can have an identifiable trigger, like a phobia. It can also be triggered by a physical response to a substance that might produce worrying effects. The most common triggers though are psychological.

My learning to identify these psychological triggers and how to deal with them the sufferer can lead a more normal life.

There is lots of evidence proving the efficiency of both Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in the treatment of Panic Attacks.

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